Central Operations and Production Teams Make That “Perfect Moment” Happen for Customers!

In Kuoni Travel Hong Kong, we all strive for providing best quality and exceptional service with the aim of crafting the “Perfect Moment” for our customers.  It is undoubtedly the Product Development Team that plays an important role in the innovation and development of a wide variety of group tour products.  Behind the scenes, it is the Production & Central Operations Team that works hard every day to make it happen.  The team, led by Stephanie Chik, Senior Manager – Production & Central Operations, consists of a group of well experienced members.   With their efforts and contribution in production and fulfillment, we are dedicated to deliver high quality group tour and ESI tour products.

On the other hand, the Central Tariff, Production & Fulfillment Team led by Pan Liu, Ticketing Manager, provides central tariff, ticketing and fare quotation service to all units.  Their service covers not only air tickets but also car transfers, hotels and visa applications.  The team also provides production and fulfillment service to business units other than GIT, such as Business Travel and FIT travel. 

Throughout the years, both teams have been implementing various changes and improvements on the production and operation including systems and processes with the strategic objective of enhancing overall central operation efficiency and achieving operation excellence.  By following through well established and standardized processes, the product and service quality can be maintained at the highest level.

The central operation approach encourages teamwork and collaboration among the teams, through regular internal meetings and knowledge sharing. Nevertheless, team members can be focused on their areas of expertise to achieve more.

Aside from the busy and fast-paced daily work, the teams have built up a harmonious relationship and friendship.  You can tell from their happy faces in the pictures!


The Central Tariff, Production & Fulfillment Team had fun exchanging X’mas gifts during their Christmas party. Front: Leaf Yip; central: Pan Liu, back from left to right: Winky Wong, Louise Chan, Polly Lee, You Wong, Pete Cheng.



The Production & Central Operations Team was celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival which is one of the most important festivals of the Chinese tradition.  The round shape full moon symbolizes unity in the Chinese culture which means family reunion.  On that day, families get together to give thanks for the harvest, or for harmonious unions.  From left to right: Pauline Lau, Eva Lam, Chloe Ting, David Mak, Stephanie Chik, Annie Chan, Ally Yick, Lillian Cheung, Gemma Kwok.