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Mission Vision Value – Business Travel

Mission Vision & Values!In every organization it is important to develop mission, vision, and values for strategic direction. Without the foundations of strong values illustrated by a vision to be undertaken by a mission, an organization cannot become an overly successful organization. This year in Business Travel we  introduced our Mission, Vision & Values.  Our mission statement defines our existence; our Vision statement describes our future whereas our Values helps us to define the type of team / organization we strive to be. Our mission, vision & value statement together offers insight into what our leader views as the primary purpose for being in the business. Mentioned below are the Mission, Vision & Values.

Our Mission
Why We Exist
To ethically deliver the best services to our customers & consistent business value to our stakeholders, thereby ensuring our long term sustainability.

Our Vision
What We Want To Be
A Global leader in Business Travel Management, leading the way into the future with innovation and best in class service levels.

Our Values
What We Believe
Respect, Teamwork, Performance, Accountability & Initiative.


There is a Lot happening in BT2.0

Team Meets

Post the introduction of our Mission, Vision & Values it was time to create awareness about it among the teams. Team meets at various locations including the North, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata and PNQ were  conducted.  The BT2.0 team travelled across the country to connect with our employees – Thomas Cook, SOTC & TC Travel, and conveyed this point strongly. During these team meets all the employees were briefed, and we explained  why the Mission Statement was imperative for all of us. Also to add a little fun element, we added on a few games, and staff were rewarded with exciting gifts. Here’s a glimpse of these amazing team meets.


Festival of Nine Nights — Happy Navratri!

Navratri (1)

Navratri (2)Festivals are like glue that keeps us bonded, and that’s why here at Corporate Travel we believe it’s important to celebrate  every festival. Navratri (3)A popular one is Navratri – the celebration of colour and tradition. The entire Corporate Travel team was dressed in the varying colours of Navratri for the nine days of the festival. A crossword was rolled out for all employees Pan India. In addition to this, a fun activity was conductedat the Mumbai and Gurgaon offices for employees, and the happy winners


Year End Celebration – And it’s a wrap-up for 2018!


There’s a saying: “Doing things differently leads to something exceptional.” Always ready to follow this maxim,  Christmas was celebrated differently this time. It was a week-long celebration at Corporate Travel where all the employees (Pan India) cheerfully dressed in Christmas colours, solved the Christmas Crossword and participated in the snowman-making competition. Also, who doesn’t love a gift from Santa?  We all love it.  Secret Santa was organized team wise, Pan India, for all employees, where gifts were exchanged. Employees at Gurgaon and Mumbai were treated to the famous Christmas plum cakes, rounded off with a fun game of Housie. All enthusiastic teams, all eagerly waiting for the next few numbers, active participation and some lucky winners. This lotto game, and indeed, all the celebrations, were a great hit!

Credit Control-Mumbai
Credit Control-Mumbai


Pune Invokes the Blessings of Lord Ganesha

Ganesh Chaturthi - Pune

 Ganesha Chaturthi  is always a popular festival, and it was celebrated in Pune
with the staff joining in to perform a puja.


Exclusive gift for our valued customers!

Client Gifting - DiwaliOne way to make a customer feel appreciated is with a special gift. It also strengthens the relationship with clients. Corporate Travel certainly knows how to make its customers feel special and unique. During the auspicious occasion of Diwali, all Corporate Travel Clients received a handcrafted gift–a travel theme box with a message from Indiver Rastogi, which was inspired by a fascinating artwork and was a piece of rich heritage.



Recognition and Rewards from UTI

Thomas Cook Corporate Travel was awarded 3 trophies by UTI Mutual Fund for an outstanding performance and the successful completion of a group of travellers, around 2436 passengers in all, which included 956 passengers – Goa group (SIP Earn and Learn), 620 passengers – Paris group (Chairman’s Club) and 860 passengers – Malaysia group (Star Club). The Awards were presented by Deepak Saluja EVP and Head Branding & Channel Marketing -UTI.


Proud Moments in BT2.0

 Creating an impact – Service Heroes

TCIL Avengers

 TCIL Avengers – Team Reliance

During the recent Ambani wedding the entire team of Thomas Cook working for Reliance did an exemplary job in managing the bookings. The endless hours that the team had spent working on this event and the professionalism they showed impressed the Event committee meeting. Their hard work paid off and they earned the title of TCIL Avengers from  Gaurav Nagwekar -Head Corporate Travel for Reliance!

Abhay Torane Business Travel Specialist – Reliance was awarded  gift vouchers worth INR 5000 as a token of appreciation for managing the bookings of RIL Executive Director  Nikhil Meswani and his family for the past 2 years.

Radhika Singh got an acknowledgement from Mr. Sunil Thakyar – MD Bechtel for the excellent support on behalf of Thomas Cook in the presence of another Senior Leader of Bechtel.

The Thomas Cook TCS Europe Travel Team received a token of Appreciation from the TCS Netherland Legal Team for the help extended throughout the year and for the recent December travel.

Sunil Bhandhari – Executive Director extended an honour to Swarbhanu Dasgupta, implant at the RPSG group companies. Swarbhanu’s hard work and dedication had increased the top line sale of the RPSG group in 2018 by 30 % and 56% in terms of the number of transactions when compared to 2017. Creditable indeed!


Change Management & Corporate On Boarding

BT2.0 introduced the concept of Change Management for one of our big corporate HCL. This helped us in its smooth implementation, making our customers aware of the change, and helping them to adapt to the change. We introduced Thomas Cook to them in different ways through E-Communication. To create a buzz we sent a few teasers – ‘watch this space for more’, countdown teasers, launch teasers  along with an introduction, best practices, FAQS, Travel desk contact details etc.

This has been followed by onsite branding like standees, cafeteria branding along with the Roadshow on the launch day. Thomas Cook certainly created a buzz while coming on board across the campuses.