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“A Moment With Us” – Lights-Camera -Action

This year to celebrate the relationship with our esteemed customers BT2.0 hosted an exclusive evening – “A Moment With Us”. It was an evening of celebration for Thomas Cook, SOTC & TC Travel customers along with our Airline partners. It was a wonderful opportunity to convey our appreciation and gratitude to our customers over drinks, good music, great food and interesting conversations!  Our major customers from our top most corporate clients graced the occasion with their presence. Some potential customers were also present to establish a stronger, long term relationship. These Red Carpet Client events were conducted across major locations such as Pune, Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi. It was a magical evening for all our customers and partners. It was an ideal event to offer a token of appreciation to our customers, and keeping our representatives spirits high. These events proved to be a big hit… Check out a few amazing glimpses e of the events…

Bombay Red Carpet Event (2)
Bombay Red Carpet Event (4)
Bombay Red Carpet Event (5)
Delhi Red Carpet Event (3)
Delhi Red Carpet Event (1)

BT2.0 Client Day

At Business Travel we do believe in doing things differently. This year BT2.0 initiated a special drive for our esteemed customers known as BT2.0 Client Day. To express our heartfelt gratitude for their continuous support and to celebrate our relationship with them, the core team of Business travel for that particular region visited the Client office, and met the key members to spend some quality time, and to connect and engage with them over doughnuts and chats! BT2.0 visited the campuses of clients at various locations such as Pune, Gurgaon, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Gujarat, Jamshedpur and Lucknow – of Thomas Cook, SOTC & TC Travel.  To name a few clients there was Poonawalla – Pune,  Adani – Gujarat, World Bank -North, Berger India – Kolkata, Tata Steel- Jamshedpur, CDK Global – Hyderabad  and TCS – Chennai among others.

                           BT2.0 Client Day (1)

BT2.0 Client Day (2)

BT2.0 Client Day (3)


BT2.0 Employee Town-hall


While BT2.0 conducted Employee meets across smaller locations the same was not feasible for locations where the employee strength is in larger numbers. Hence BT2.0 conducted town-hall meetings in Gurgaon, Bombay and Pune for employees of Thomas Cook, SOTC and TC Travel. All the Business Travel employees irrespective of their teams came under one roof for that particular day. The town-hall of Gurgaon was hosted by Mona Cheriyan along with the core team, Mumbai was hosted by Indiver Rastogi along with his Direct Reportee’s, and Pune was hosted by Anand Sundararajan and Sonam Suri along with the Regional Team. It was an evening for Employees to engage with each other and have some fun. There were discussions on suggestions and strategies for the upcoming years, interspersed with fun and games.  Awards were given to employees in appreciation for their hard work and dedication throughout the year.


 BT2.0 Employee Meet

To reiterate the Mission, Vision & Values of our Business, BT2.0 conducted Employee Meets across various locations such as – Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Gujarat, Jamshedpur and Lucknow.  During these meets various Corporate Travel teams of Thomas Cook, SOTC  and TC Travel such as operation, back office, credit control etc. all came under one roof. The objective of these meets was to have a better connect with the employees, and talk about regional goals, targets, important updates, compliance etc. Also the employees were briefed about the importance of a dress code irrespective of whether the employees were based at a back office, or were Customer-facing. To add a fun element, a few games were played and exciting giveaways  given to the winners. In these meets top performers of the team were appreciated for their hard work and dedication and were presented with certificates.  Here’s a glimpse of the team meets.

BT2.0 Employee Meets (1)BT2.0 Employee Meets (2)

All Geared Up For Friendship Day

happiness-is-having-the-support-of-your-work-colleagues-happiness-work-friends-quotesThere is something special about the memories of our childhood which can never be replaced, and among them is Friendship Day. When we used to be kids Friendship Day was something we used to wait for, to celebrate the bond with our besties! This year at Business Travel we tried to recreate something we used to do when we were kids. Reliving the childhood memories, corporate travel teams at Marathon and Gurgaon were offered Friendship bands and were asked to tie them on the wrists of their colleagues and exchange chocolates just like we used to do when we were kids. We also asked employees to share a picture with their best friend at work along with a caption defining their friendship. Here’s to a lifetime of friendship!

Friendship Day (1)Friendship Day (2)Friendship Day (3)Friendship Day (5)Friendship Day (6)Friendship Day (7)

Fun Filled Festival of Lights – Diwali Made Everyone Glow!

Diwali Celebrations (4)

The festival of Diwali reminds us of the festive season of joy, splendor, enthusiasm and happiness. We had a lovely week long celebration here at Corporate Travel where all the employees (Pan India) participated in a Work Station Decoration Competition, and an online activity was rolled out to all Corporate Travel users Pan India.  Trying not to leave anyone out, lots of fun activities were also organized for the employees based at the back offices of Gurgaon and Mumbai.  Corporate Travel teams participated team wise in Mocktail making competitions, Diya decoration Contests , and enjoying their all-time favorite —  Tambola! All the events were about teamwork, creativity and the power of innovation among our employees. Winners were given exciting giveaways.  Any celebration is incomplete without music, so we had the joyful and exciting Dhol dance which was organised at our Gurgaon location. It was a great mood enhancer, and employees literally got into the ‘swing’ of it with much enthusiasm, dancing  in their best ethnic attire.  Check out the fun- filled celebrations….

Diwali Celebrations (8)Diwali Celebrations (7)Diwali Celebrations (6)Diwali Celebrations (5)Diwali Celebrations (3)     Diwali Celebrations (9)Diwali Celebrations (11)Diwali Celebrations (12)Diwali Celebrations (16)Diwali Celebrations (18)    Diwali Celebrations (19)Diwali Celebrations (20)Diwali Celebrations (21)Diwali Celebrations (22)Diwali Celebrations (24)  Diwali Celebrations (25)Diwali Celebrations (28)Diwali Celebrations (32)Diwali Celebrations (33)Diwali Celebrations (35)

Diwali Desk Decoration (1)

Diwali Desk Decoration (4)

Ho Ho Ho! It’s Christmas!

Once again it was that time of the year when all of us were looking for novel ways to celebrate Christmas and New Year. This season is always a joyous occasion filled with fun and celebrations bringing all the employees together. The celebrations at Corporate Travel included a Cookie Decoration Competition for Gurgaon employees, Secret Santa for Bombay employees and  an online Christmas quiz for all Pan India employees of Corporate Travel. Exciting prizes were given to the winners. The entire day was brimming with gaiety, which completely transformed the corporate monotony into enthusiastic action! The celebration adorned the office space, and everyone was full of good cheer! There’s no better way to foster team spirit than the celebration of festivals with your employees. 

Christmas Celebration (2)Christmas Celebration (5)

Christmas Celebration (3)Christmas Secret Santa

BT2.0 Proud Moments – Not All Heroes Wear Capes

At Business Travel we do believe that Customer Satisfaction is our number one priority and that’s what are Business Travel Specialists keep aiming for each time. This time too our heroes did amazing work and left no stone unturned in achieving this. Here are are some who were lauded for their good work.

Pranay TupePranay Tupe received an appreciation note from Ginger Hotels for the assistance provided by him.
Proud Moments - Monisha Kumari
Monisha Kumar received an appreciation note from Tata Sons thanking her for her contribution in the Travel & Ticketing project.
Our Business Travel Specialist  Team Deloitte – Merwyn Fernandes, Shahnawaz Qureshi, Ajaz Ansari, Sushant Pawar, Minakshi Nikam, Akshaya Jamsandekar, Khushboo Dandekar & Deeptanshu Ashar received appreciation notes from the travellers.

Proud Moments - Deloitte (7)Proud Moments - Deloitte (6)Proud Moments - Deloitte (5)Proud Moments - Deloitte (4) Proud Moments - Deloitte (2)Proud Moments - Deloitte (1)

Satish Verma Business Travel Specialist at Rio Tinto received a Thank you note from a Traveller.

Satish Verma

Thomas Cook Business Travel Specialist of TCS Europe Team Ram Mhaske, Kamran Shaikh, Gaurav Sawant & Nitin Ingawale received appreciation and Goodies from TCS Amsterdam Legal Team for all their help over the year.

   BT2.0 Proud Moments - TCS Europ Team (1) BT2.0 Proud Moments - TCS Europ Team (2)BT2.0 Proud Moments - TCS Europ Team (3)

SOTC Business Travel team of Hyderabad Branch received an award from Indigo Award of the year 2018 – 2019.

Proud Moments - Sotc Indigo Award 2