Bowling – Luxe Asia wins the Championship title for two consecutive years


Luxe Asia ‘B’ team retained its Travel Trade Sports Club (TTSC) bowling title for the second year successively at the 15th Annual TTSC Bowling Championships 2016. Luxe Asia ‘C’ team won the Silver, 68 teams from 30 member firms participated.

At the end of Round 1, 30 teams advanced to the semi-final stage; the top scoring team in Round 1 was the Luxe Asia ‘A’ team, with 445 points. At the end of the semi-final stage (30 teams), 10 teams advanced to the Final Round. The performance in the semis was below expectation, as none of the teams went over the 400 mark. The top scoring team was Luxe Asia ‘C’ team, who improved on their first round score of 299 to 388. The top scorer was Mohamed Faaiq with 198 points!

Silver Winner: Luxe Asia ‘C’- 387 points (Shefan Peter, Mohamed Faaiq and Thajul Riyaz), Thajul Riyaz scored 178 points, won the Gold Medal as the highest scorer in the Final Round.  Gold Winner: Luxe Asia ‘B’- 427 points (Shariq Bishrul, Rizwan Kuwaideen and Husham Hayas) 

Luxe Asia also participated in the Travel Trade Sports Club (TTSC) badminton and cricket tournament.