Beyond the Office Desk

We continue our series telling you about what our staff do after they leave the office…What hobbies do they pursue? What talent do they nurture and develop? How different are they from the person in the workplace? 

If you would like to feature on this page, or know of a colleague who has a talent that needs to be showcased, do write in to me, or the Pulse Sub- Editor in your company, send us the details and tell us all about it.

Here is our choice for this issue: 

By day, she is a Forex Analyst. Her work involves dealing with business analytics, being precise, compiling data, watching FX trends, dealing with facts and figures…. using the left side of the brain!      minakshi-kindo

But once she is away from work, the right side of her brain takes over and the creative juices start to flow.

She is Minakshi Kindo— a  Manager in the TCIL  M.G. Road, Bangalore Office.

She has been writing poetry for the last 4-5 years, and her poems are  inspired by her own thoughts which flow through her mind… often on a road trip or a weekend.

Minakshi has other hobbies too. She also indulges in travel and travel writing, playing the piano and singing. Other talents include  glass and acrylic painting  all of which help her keep a healthy work-life balance.

Below we give you a sample of her poetry:

Children of War

Pleading eyes hurt and homeless,

In situations of crisis cry out for refuge.

Hardships and violence bring childhood to silence,

Devastated to extremes where damage is huge.

Exiled from their homeland, on knife blades they walk,

Such are the Children of War.

Darker and red, their hands are wetter than before,

Still throats unquenched thirsty and sore.

Poor souls, they weep and bleed

But seen by the world as terrorist seed.

No one to share their pain nor borrow it,

So that the little flower rediscovers the smile.

No more toys or company of a teddy bear,

Their giggles are lost in gunfire.

Glimpses of childhood, then innocent now mature

Such are the Children of War.

~Minakshi Kindo