Baby Boom!


Looking amused and very happy is Lam Hong Ho, son of Martin Lam- Assistant Manager-Product Development, and Fion.  He was born on 4th July 2016.


Twins Colin (back) and Conard (front) brought double joy to their parents Paul Chan-Assistant Manager-Retailing, and Nga Kwan. The brothers were born on 29th March 2016



Snuggling into his dad is Eesa, baby son of Aadil Hamid –Assistant Manager, Colombo, Sri Lanka, and Mena Ayub. He arrived on 28th May 2016.



Proud dad Thajul Riyaz- Head of Finance-Colombo, Sri Lanka, holds his son Yahya protectively. He was a Valentine’s  gift to Thajul and his wife Huda, born on 14th February, 2016!


Pretty as a picture, little Aaradhya poses for us!. She is the daughter of Paresh Prabhulkar—TCS Billing Team, and Pooja. She was born on 30th December 2015.


Charming little Poshika ,  daughter of Ashok V. Salian-Senior Manager. FX Mumbai, and Divya, is “God’s gift who came to light up our Universe”. She was born on 9th November 2015.


Enjoying the beauty of Nature, is little Tanishka, daughter of Siddharth Wankhede, Manager LTOB Jalgaon, and Shobhana, who was born on 23rd march 2016.


Observing everything around her with her big bright eyes, is little Uma, daughter of Gayatri Limaye – Business Travel Specialist, Pune, and Sagar Limaye. 23rd December 2015 was the day she was born.


Watching the world go by! Young Siddhant, son of Akshay Nandarushi-FXJ, and Sonal, came into their lives on 1st April 2016.