Appreciation From Our Clients! Feedback – Kirker Holidays UK

Often in the course of our work as holiday makers, we are at the receiving end of brickbats and complaints from disgruntled customers! Consequently, it is a delight to to receive a happy and encouraging letter of appreciation from clients who have noticed and acknowledged the care we give them.  We reproduce a letter below, which proves that customer service does get noticed, and contented customers will definitely want to come back!

“We both enjoy reading through our India Journals and reliving our time there. Clearly Colin is keen to return, for on only our second night at home, he was asking me where I would like to go for winter holidays, was there anywhere I would prefer to India !!

Do hope you will keep in touch Deepika Sharma, we’d love to hear of your journey through life and of course we do hope at some point you will make it over here to England.

We would be so delighted to have you stay with us to reciprocate some of the care you showered on us.

Fond regards from us both.

Mr & Mrs Heath.
26 February 2017