Adding a Splash of Winter to the Desert: DEI’s New Venture with Snow Abu Dhabi

Imagine a scene where snowflakes are gently falling from the sky, children are building snowmen, and families are engaging in playful snowball fights. Now imagine that this isn’t happening in a traditional winter setting, but in the heart of the desert: Abu Dhabi. This may sound like a scene from a fantastical story, but it is the reality we at DEI are helping to create at Snow Abu Dhabi, the latest venture in our partnership with Majid Al Futtaim.

This magical place is our fourth collaboration with Majid Al Futtaim, and it adds to our list of successful projects at Ski Dubai, Ski Egypt, and Snow Oman. Snow Abu Dhabi isn’t merely a theme park – it’s an enchanting realm where memories gain the ability to dance in snowflakes, providing a captivating narrative for all its visitors.

At DEI, we are stepping into this winter wonderland with the same dedication to capturing and preserving the magical journey of each guest, as we did in our previous ventures. Our cameras are set to turn these ephemeral moments of joy into timeless keepsakes.