Action Packed Quarter for Finance & Administration Teams



October to December 2016 were exciting months for the Finance and Administration teams, who worked tirelessly on diverse new projects and activities, in addition to fulfilling their regular work requirements.

Their varied activities included:
• The Leisure Finance business partnering team contributing to the successful launch of Frame 2.0.
• Uploading of prices for Summer 2017 in a new business application.
• Smooth completion of audits, as well as a Strategic Plan for 5 years and the budget for 2017.
• The Finance team played an active role in the launching of Forex operations by setting up accounting processes and also taking the lead in KYC process implementation.
• Plenty of action on the GST project.
• The Compliance Tool went live in December. It will help in tracking and implementing compliances in an efficient matter.

Overall, a creditable amount has been achieved by these teams!

The staff is now working towards ensuring that the segregation of the inbound and outbound businesses is completed on time, as well as towards the implementation of GST. The search for a new banking partner has started, and work is on towards further strengthening controls, and on numerous cost saving initiatives. Here’s hoping their hard work reaps rich dividends.