A Word From the CEO- Asian Trails

Inspecting Laos' Rail construction. Credit -Asian Trails Laos
Inspecting Laos’ Rail construction. Credit -Asian Trails Laos

Dear friends and business partners,

The positive impact travel has on our lives cannot be described in words. Taking a break from daily routines, exploring new, challenging environment and learning new cultures broaden one’s mind. Yet, such activities continue to put a strain on resources and efforts to keep Mother Earth as pristine as possible.

With preserving the environment in mind, Asian Trails is moving forward by setting new standards in sustainable approaches, whether it’s for the protection of wildlife or natural resources, and setting examples on how we can contribute by leaving nothing but footprints behind and taking away only memories. We’re making great strides with new responsible initiatives that are set to launch soon, affirming our place as a preferred DMC in East and South East Asia.

The CEO Story
Traveling by train across countries is a not a new venture, but it is a popular way of exploring destinations. There is nothing more exhilarating than the feel of wheels running over the iron beams of tracks, rumbling through rural regions and mountain ranges with stops at charming small stations.

While countries like China, Malaysia and Thailand have developed a rail infrastructure, Laos is just making its foray into rail travel. I recently went to Vang Vieng and its surrounding areas, with my colleagues from the Laos office, to see how the development of the country’s rail network and infrastructure could expand to provide multi-country railroad journeys in the near future. My trip to Laos exemplifies our drive to blaze new paths in travel – exploring Asia by rail.

Yours sincerely,
Laurent Kuenzle
Asian Trails Ltd