A Toast to Triumph: Celebrating Success

Amidst a backdrop of success and achievement, it seemed only fitting to have a small   corporate celebration, as a testament to our collective achievements. So our Executive Chairman  Madhavan Menon invited the Execom and some senior members of the businesses for Cocktails and Dinner,  on 7th February, 2024, at Execom Bay, Marathon Futurex, to celebrate the milestones achieved in 2023. Dress Code: “Anything that pleases you!”

We were happy to have  Alexander Spiro, MD Private Safaris-East Africa, who was down for the Outbound Travel Mart,  join us.






As you can see from the photos, everyone met with jubilant spirits and a shared sense of accomplishment, to commemorate our stellar financial results. As we reflect on our journey, this joint gathering not only celebrated our triumphs but also reinforced our commitment to continued excellence and growth.