A Day in the Life of Saira Vaz in Operations

1-a-day-in-the-life-of-saira-vaz-in-operationsShe has been at Sita for twenty four years learning, growing and now sharing her expertise and experience with her team. A passionate biker, basketball player and a car-driving enthusiast, she has even gone to the extent of getting herself a taxi badge!

She is Saira Vaz,   Business Head-Charter, in Goa.

What, you might ask, is she doing in the Travel Industry?

A timid girl came to the Sita office, many years ago, straight after college. She cleared the interview, was hired as a trainee airport representative, and has never looked back!

Here is an insight into a regular day of a loyal and diligent employee in Operations… we give you Saira!

She starts her day with a healthy breakfast, followed by a quick peek at her emails to attend to any urgent ones. Once at work it is a roller-coaster ride especially during season time.

A major part of Saira’s day is spent interacting with her team to share and discuss business matters. There is always a client handling task, which has its own share of challenges, but Saira believes the key is to remain focused, and know that there is always a solution. She has had clients screaming in her face, wanting to leave Goa because they didn’t know it rained here in the summers. Other customers have wanted to take off right on New Year’s Eve just because the color of the sea was not to their expectations!

Lunch is usually a quick affair, so she can get on with her work. The second half of the day often involves meeting up with the Excursion team, if required, to discuss which tours are successful and which can be improved. There are also meetings with the Foreign Managers in the office, to find ways to improve sales and find probable solutions to enhance the growth in excursions. A quick coffee is welcome in the afternoon, providing a chance to check and tend to the remaining emails.

A far cry from that that shy, timid girl all those years ago, Saira has metamorphosed into a confident person, always ready to face her diverse clients, and experienced enough to handle every situation in store for her!