2022—The Year of the Silver Jubilee

Achieving  this  milestone  is  especially  significant  considering  the unprecedented challenges we recently faced as an industry. Albeit, 2022 has started with great promise as Desert Adventures is back on it’s trajectory of continued success and expansion. There are 2 major success stories we would like to highlight, which have defined our 25th year so far.

Implementation of Robotic Process Automation
(RPA) and AI

Over the last three years, one of the biggest improvements we sought to achieve was the efficiency of our transactional process  and  acutely  delivering  services  without compromising our personalized level of attention. This was made possible through the use of RPA and AI technologies, which has allowed us to scale up our business capabilities exponentially.

Desert Adventures was chosen to create Expo 2020 Dubai’s official tour programs

Designated as the “Journeys with Expo”  provider, Desert Adventures was  chosen  to create the official Expo Tours programme at this once- in-a-lifetime event, once-in-a-lifetime event. Our team was responsible for developing guided tours across the 4.3 sq km that showcased the very best of the event. The team at Expo 2020 recognized the creativity and resourcefulness that Desert Adventures brought to  the table, which set us apart from every other DMC and tour service provider. As the only organization assigned to creating these experiences, we provided over 50,000 visitors an incredible tour experience that ranged from walking tours to bicycle tours to exclusive VIP tours for celebrities and dignitaries